Last update Wednesday November 30, 2022

Wednesday November 30, 2022 - Finally in Yuma!

We arrived in Yua early this afternoon and parked the RV. This place (Fortuna de Oro) is a bit of a dump for us but it's packed with US and Canadian folks who are mostly seasonals. We are glad we are here only for a night and the park is busier than we have seen it before.

A picture:

Our RV is getting older (and so is Al!), the time in Eloy was spent trying to fix the poop tank leak problem, a temp work around was done and nothing is leaking. This is just one of a few problems with the RV, our Shaw Direct sat TV dish isn't working, it will be worked on in Borrego Springs. The bedroom slide isn't closing completely, no problem as it's closed enough to prevent rain coming in when it rains. Also, some cracks (cosmetic) are showing up on the exterior and the "pleather" recliners are peeling. Maybe it's time to trade for another RV.


Monday November 28, 2022 - Still in Eloy!

We should have left this morning for Yuma but Al is enjoying some RV maintenance (NOT!). The output from the black tank popped (for you non RVers the black tank is the poop tank, it filled the underbelly with poop and pee. Al is working on it, partially fixed today but we are staying here tonight and tomorrow night to make sure we can go to yuma without anny more issues, tough when you can't flush the toilet!


Sunday November 27, 2022 - Caring for Doggies!

We are Impressed with this campground! Yesterday we arrived before noon and they told us that they had not finished cleaning up the sites so we had to wait a few minutes to get to our reserved site. This morning we saw why, the sites that were occupied yesterday and where the folks left this morning were individually looked at including cleaning the fire pits and blowing the dust out of them, The gravel in each site was raked but pulling a rake behind the golf cart, very impressive!

More pictures of the site next to us with a complete area for a dog, including sun shade and poop bag dispenser and waste bin for the poop.

Saturday November 26, 2002 - A New RV Park for us!

We are in the KOA just north of Picacho Peak (Eloy AZ). We are staying here for 2 nights. We Normally stop at the Gila Bend KOA, but it isn't a KOA anymore and Al didn't learn this until after the reservation was made here. It's a nice park here, we got a patio site, only bad news is that we still don't have Canadian sat TV, looks like a tree is in the way (or our dish has gone bad).

A couple of pictures:

The site next to us has a mini dog park in it, (at extra cost!), Murdoch probably wouldn't like to be corralled!

Friday November 25, 2002 - A good Thanksgiving!

We had a good American Thanksgiving yesterday, we cooked the turkey (we thought we had bought a small Butterball turkey, but it was a turkey breast, not a complete bird), it was so-so but we still enjoyed it.

The park filled up a bit and some have left today, the others are Black Friday shopping.

A picture of the dinner preps, the turkey breast is in the over and the sides are ready to be cooked once the turkey comes close to temp.

Wednesday November 23, 2022 - Tombstone Arizona

We talked to our neighbour and a very nice park attendant here about visiting Tombstone to see some of the historic sites there.

Our neighbour suggested that the place is dog friendly as he took his dog there earlier in the week (it was dog friendly) so we took Murdoch, which was a giant mistake. Murdoch isn't used to lots of other people around and he jumped up on some and generally was being a bit of a pain.

As a result we cut the visit a bit shorter than we wanted but we did see a few things.

As a comment, it's a bit of a tourist trap with lots of nicknack shops and restaurants and it appears to be a bit run down except for the historic stuff.

Some pictures of the historic court house (no dogs allowed), Suzette went in while Al wrangled Murdoch outside:

They re-inact the shootout at the O.K. Corral a number of times each day, not sure if the Corral is the current site of the dirt road that is closed off in town or not, too lazy to check! Some pictures of the preps, it was a few minutes before the show, but we didn't want to stay because Murdoch doesn't like fireworks or gun noise.

 A couple more historic pictures

Not a bad place and if we didn't have Murdoch with us we would have seen more history (but we still love Murdoch!)

November 22, 2022 - Another Picture

Just a brief posting to see if I have the picture size correct, the ones below are too large for the screen size!
















November 21, 2022 - Feels like home here!

Well, not that we like the temperatures to be like home, it was -2C when we got up and the picture below shows frost on our neighbour's vehicle. Also my (and Murdoch's) breath could be seen on his first early walk. Good news is that it's 15C at noon and the temp is going up.

Over the past day or so some additional picture were taken of the hills around Benson, taken from the campground, it's s nice area.

We have done a couple of grocery shopping trips to get ready for the American Thanksgiving, got a small turkey and other fixings!

November 20, 2022 - In Benson Arizona!

We haven't posted until now as we have been doing one or two night stops on our way south. We are here at the KOA for another 5 nights as we couldn't get into the Tucson KOA, as it is full (it's the US Thanksgiving week). This coming Saturday we will move to the Picacho Arizona area KOA and then head towards Yuma. We couldn't get a site before our December first reservation in Borrego Springs. The KOA park here isn't great but it is an OK stop, all services, but we can't get our Canadian satellite TV for some reason (maybe the hills around us). The picture below shows our site, we are close to our neighbour, who has "yapper" dog.

Al is re-learning how to post in our our blog (with a few bad words that Murdoch doesn't like!), it will get better as we move west.




October 2022 - Getting ready!

We are getting the Redwood RV ready, lots of packing since it hasn't been on the road much in the last two years because of COVID! We plan to depart on Halloween day. The weather this fall has been warmer, no need to winterize the RV and only one night where the furnace was needed to keep the water lines above freezing.

An interesting (not real!) picture of Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries with our dog Murdoch and Suzette. Our Murdoch just got his international vet certificate today so he can enter the US.