Sunday June 20, 2021

Survived the Winter!

We survived the winter (and COVID!). The RV was at the dealer all winter (which was our preference) to get some major frame repairs and some other stuff done. Al picked it upa few weeks ago and got pocket change from a $10,000 invoice. Leaving the RV at the dealer allowed the driveway to be removed of snow with a newly purchased snowblower although with a mild winter it was only used 4 times and 2 of those times were only to try out the new toy!

The RV is almost ready to head north in July after we get our second COVID shot on July 2 and Murdoch gets groomed later in July.

The RV in the driveway:

Sunday February 21,2021

Enjoying the Cold North (NOT!)

We are self isolating up here, and Al is using the (now broken in) new snow blower to keep the driveway clear. As you can see from the picture below, the truck doesn't like the snow either, the pick up box is full of snow. The truck gets started once a week and taken around the block to keep it mobile. The batteries gave out, partially due to cold weather and their age (4 years old), they were replaced.

We await our COVID shots, in this regard Canada is in the "third world class", we are in the 20's compared to other developed countries in terms of percentage of our population that has got the shots. We don't expect to get our shots until June as after long term care folks get theirs, 90+ folks get theirs starting in March and it goes down from there. Our friends in southern California have got theirs already and they are not close to 90!

Sunday November 15,2020

Some RV pictures

I am posting some pictures showing the damage to the Redwood frame (probably because of Lippert manufacturing defects) so that others can see the issue.

This is what I saw after some rough roads in northern Ontario, when the RV pin is on the 5th wheel and the landing gear is lifted there is a space wide enough to put your fingers through caused by frame flex:

Some weld breaks where the pin box frame connects to the side main frame:

This picture shows the roadside framework that supports the landing gear legs:

This is the triangular gusset that reinforces the leg to the square tubing, what's not easily visible is that the tubing has actually peeled open at the back!

Again, not a clear picture but the main frame tubing has a long split in it:

I don't have a lot of confidence in the work that Lippert does, while we travel on some bad roads the frame is not up to the task. Looks like some of the damage is caused by cold welds.

November 13, 2020

Winter 2020 in the cold north!

This will document our first winter here in Ontario in 14 years! We are preparing for the worst, Al bought a new snow blower and a pair of fur lined Crocs for his feet although once the snow comes the winter boots will have to be found and employed. We aren't looking forward to staying north but with COVID we can't cross the border to the US with the RV. With the high case count in the US (and counts getting worse here in Ontario) it probably is wise to stay put. Here in the country the counts are minimal so that's a good thing.

More posts to follow!