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Tuesday August 22, 2006

Moose Mountain Provincial Park - south east Saskatchewan

We made the 350 km. trek from Buffalo Pound today, arriving about 2:00 pm. We have not been on-line for a while because of interference from trees in the parks, the site will be updated today, now that we are back on-line.

It's hot here, 30+, and we are anticipating using the A/C, for one of the few times on the trip, tonight.

The park is pretty quiet, we get the feeling that families are preparing for the return to school.

Moose Mountain is a good one-nighter, a little over- run with summer camping, we got a full service campsite that is quite quiet. I was able to help a fellow camper who had trouble turning the key in his towed car, caused by the towing trailer putting pressure on the wheels.

The site looks as follows:

We booked a site in  Riding Mountain in Manitoba starting tomorrow for 3 days, we look forward to spending quality time there.

Sunday & Monday August 20 & 21, 2006

Buffalo Pond Provincial Park, near Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

We stopped here for two days, partially because we moved over 500 km. to the park, which was stressful, and partially because we have been been here before with the kids in 1992, it's a great park to camp for a couple of days.

We inflated the boat and spent a couple of hours on the lake. The first day, the lake was whitecapped (at 12 ft. max depth, it does not take much to generate whitecaps), the second day it was dead calm with lots of algae on the surface. Suzette spent an hour or so cleaning the boat once we deflated it, my Birkenstocks are still green (probably my toes are as well!) from the algae. This must be a candidate for a new pedicure treatment!

The pictures:

As before, we were amazed by the fact that you can't see the lake from the flat prarie, the lake is lower and has to be seen when you drop down to the lake level.

A great site to relax, we met some seasonal campers who helped us park the camper.

Friday and Saturday August 18& 19, 2006

Cyprus Hills Provincial Park, Alberta/Saskatchewan

We stayed at this interprovincial park (part of it is in Alberta, the remainder is in Saskatchewan) over the weekend, to ensure that we got a site over a Saturday Night. While the park was great on first blush, it reminded me of Switzerland. It looked great initially, but on further examination, it was too perfect for us. This fact was brought out clearly by the 5 km./Hr. posted speed limit for bicycles on the boardwalks. How can a young child tell the difference between 5, 10 or 15 km./Hr.??

In addition, the local merchants in town were less than friendly (oh well!).

We did some walking and exploring:

Kasey got some water time!