Sunday July 17, 2016

In Thunder Bay

We are back in the KOA here after spending Saturday night in Ignace. We enjoyed sun on the last two days in Crystal Lake RV park with the grand kids, since then we've had more rain (including a severe thunderstorm warning and loss of power here in TB). The fillets are out, Al is betting on good weather tomorrow!



We captured a couple of shots of the grand kids at Crystal Lake, they tried out the horseshoes and did some patriotic poses around the flag:

We really enjoyed the visit and the grand kids and we look forward to better weather heading south!

Wednesday July 13, 2016

Look Ma .... No Training Wheels!!

We are n Crystal Lake campground near Vermilion Bay, we brought the grand kids here for a few days to enjoy the park and the stuff it has. It's been a really wet season here in the north, the campground owner here is depressed at the weather. We put out a mat on the grass, the ground is so saturated that water came up through the mat. That said, there are sunny breaks and the grand kids got some swimming in yesterday and between the playground and the toys they have here, they are having a great time.

The campground has an assortment of bikes for the kids to ride on, there is a basketball court with a level paved base so the kids got an opportunity to try out the bikes:

Rachelle did well!

The corners are a little tough though!

Kate says "no Hands"

The weather seems to be improving this afternoon, so the grand kids are changing into bathing suits as this entry is being written, here's hoping that it's a sign of better weather coming.

We are here until Saturday morning when we start the trek back home.

Sunday July 10, 2016

Camping at the Kids Place!

We are camped at the kids place on the lake near Ear Falls. We are enjoying great weather and we are trying to spoil the grand kids!. In a couple of days we will take the grand kids to Crystal Lake for a camp out and give the kids some time to themselves.

A couple of pictures along with a special treat from the kids, a late wedding anniversary gift of a flight around the lake area with Kyle, a friend, who has a Cessna 180 float plane on the lake!

The grand kids showing off their new dresses!

That's the plane waiting for us:

Kyle talking to us before the flight:

A couple of the many pictures taken of the lake area:

Tuesday July 5, 2016

In Thunder Bay

We are in our normal site in the Thunder Bay KOA, we got here yesterday and we've done some shopping this morning (and got the garlic cheese curds that are so delicious!), we plan to leave here tomorrow morning for Ignace. We note the KOA here put in some patio sites like in the US, we hope to try one on our way back.


No pictures other than this one taken back in Marathon, Murdoch must like the smell of Al's Crocs! Note the quantity of his treats.

Friday July 1, 2016

Canada Day Celebrations!

We are part of the local celebrations here in Marathon. The town has been working for a few days to put stuff together and it's impressive for a small town to put together such an event, it puts our larger southern Ontario community to shame.

They have a stage and large bouncy rides for the kids, lots of stuff to do for all ages and lots of food as well:

Lots of folks canoeing on the lake:

A neat water slide!

The stage and the BBQ:

Some local gymnastic club kids strutting their stuff:

They brought in a portable generator to power the kids bouncy castles:

A general view of the festivities (it's still early!):

Not sure how the kids get up to the top of the water slide:

They will set off fireworks on the other side of the lake, we have a great view tonight!

Wednesday June 29, 2016

In Marathon

We have been on the road for a couple of days now, Monday was spent in Serpent River and last night we were in the campground just north of Wawa. We have been enjoying the cooler temperatures up here, last night it got down to 5C! Lots of sun and virtually no bugs.



Murdoch enjoying a bone and Suzette relaxing back in Serpent River!

That's a mighty big bone! We are getting smarter, stuffing the bones with treats and peanut butter

We are staying here in site 4 in Penn Lake park in Marathon over the long weekend as we were concerned about getting a spot in Thunder Bay. The place here is booked and we get treated to a full fireworks display across the lake on the beach on Friday night!

Heading North!


June 26, 2016

We are heading north, we leave tomorrow morning. Even Murdoch is looking forward to cooler weather up there, instead of lying on top of the A/C vent!