Saturday July 26, 2015

Been Back at Home for a while

We've been at home for about 3 weeks now and have been enjoying the good weather back here. We enjoyed the trip north and hope that Chantal and Cam are getting the good weather we are having here.

We haven't been doing a lot, the RV has been cleaned inside and awaits a good exterior wash. What has been taking up Al's time is getting used to a new computer and Windows 8.1. Computers are really a commodity these days, for just over $200 you get a desktop machine the size of a large hockey puck  with a solid state drive and lots of apps. The migration from XP has proven a bit of a challenge for Al, there doesn't seem to be a lot of reasons to use 8.1 for a desktop application if you don't have a tap screen, that opinion may change as the program becomes more familiar. It's unfortunate that Microsoft didn't develop Windows "XP2" and sell it, it's probably the best Windows OS out there.

One final picture from Ear Falls of Chantal and Rachelle on the boat, enjoying the good weather and the fishing!

Unfortunately, postings before Ear Falls were lost because of a bad internet connections on the way back home and Al didn't keep a backup. Sorry!


Saturday July 4, 2015

Got our Grand Kids Fix!!

We are back in Ignace at Davy Lake campground after a visit to the kids and grand kids in the Ear Falls area and some camping with the grand kids in Vermilion Bay.

We enjoyed the visit and our time with the grand kids. A few pictures:

This is a shot of the lake taken from Cam & Chantal's new boat, a glass smooth ride!

The grand kids did a lot of swimming, both in Ear Falls and in Vermilion Bay:

This was Murdoch's first time in the water, he was very timid. The small waves made him move back on land. That's the new boat in the background.

Both Rachelle and Kate have become great dragon fly "wranglers", a couple of pictures:



Al with Rachelle on the boat:

Cam and the Kids:

A family of loons with two babies:

We are heading back slowly, should be in Thunder Bay tomorrow.