MacGregor Provincial Park - September 3 to 7/07

We decided to spend a few days here after Labour Day, thinking that the park would be quiet!

No so, other folks like ourselves enjoy camping in the early fall, the park is still quite full.

Some pictures:

The water level is still very low, in the picture the log in the foreground marks the "normal" shoreline!

In this shot, you can see where the  shoreline  originally was.

The marsh are is almost completely dried up, The dark area contains the remaining water, you can just see the Heron who is looking for the fish who are locked in the small pond. Easy pickings!!

We are in site 60, it's a site we haven't been in before, it's private, but  the sat dish has been able to be deployed!

I found a location to punch through the trees to find the satellite:

This is what the dish is looking at, see the hole?

Wednesday was repair day!

This morning, we ran out of water, caused by a blocked vent line going to the water tank, 20 gallons of water (5 gallons at a time) were carried to the trailer (good exercise!!), and the vent line was unblocked.

In addition, the air-fuel ratio was adjusted on the water heater to improve the combustion, finally the dish was tuned for maximum signal after last nights rain. If only we can get the TV remote to work properly, all will be good!!

Thursday and Friday

These were some of the hottest days we have experienced thsi past summer, Thursday night the temperature in the trailer stayed at almost 80F. Although we had a campfire both nights, we really didn't need the heat.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to meet old friends Carol and Carl, who we haven't seen for about 5 years, we hope to spend a weekend with them in the fall before we head south again.