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MacGregor Point Provincial Park - May 2007

We decided to spend a few days here, to enjoy the quiet before the May 24 crowds arrive. We arrived on Thursday May 10 and we will leave on Tuesday May 15.

The spring and the fall are the best times to visit Pinery and MacGregor as during the summer both parks are packed with "sometimes" campers.


We left the park and headed back home. On the way down, we dropped into Morry's in Walkerton and looked at new Titanium trailers. We ended up trading in our current 29 ft. unit for a new 30 ft. triple slide unit that will give us additional living space for Mexico next winter within virtually the same length. The details can be seen on Glendale's website here:

We are really looking forward to getting this unit, we pick it up May 31 just in time for heading up north!


Although there weren't many campers in the park over the weekend, it was very quiet after most of them left on Sunday afternoon, only a half dozen remained on Monday.

The weather improved on Monday, it warmed up and there wasn't much wind. We had a campfire in the evening with the limited amount of firewood that we had left over.

The campground hosts arrived on Monday and started setting up in anticipation of the busy long weekend approaching. We also dropped into Port Elgin to pick up some propane and to buy a few items. There is a lot of new home construction going on in Port Elgin, the town is looking a lot more prosperous than we've seen in previous years.


Today is the best day so far, the morning started cool (there was a hard frost on the truck, with a temp of zero) but it was dead calm and the sky was blue, not a cloud in sight.

The fact that the cold wind is not coming off the lake makes conditions great, we did some walking to the lake and enjoyed the calm conditions:

These pictures are being taken from "Pump House Point", this was a point where the original pump house was located, water for the park was provided from Lake Huron. After Walkerton, there were a lot of boil water advisories here (amazingly, the water hasn't changed, just the rules and regs!) a couple of years ago a water line from Port Elgin was extended to the park and the pump house was taken down.

The dot in the distance is the lighthouse at the entry to the harbour at Port Elgin.

Suzette is enjoying mother's day:

This is where the water intake for the pump was located:

The water level in the lake remains very low. In the picture below, the gravel was the water line when we first started coming here, the water is at least 100 ft. away from where it was before.


Friday was the warmest day so far, on Saturday it was cooler, we spent some time in the trailer warming up. In previous years we would have "toughed" it out outside, but we still have thin blood from being down south in the winter. The cool temps combined with a chilling breeze from Lake Huron combined to making sitting by the fire a short term thing. On Saturday night, one of the 30 lb. propane cylinders emptied, it's time to go get a refill (just in case!).


Today (Friday) we took a trail and had the requisite sighting of a deer (as usual, we forgot the camera!) and with our newly tuned up bicycles, we did the entire Deer Run bike trail.

We stepped inside to warm up, this is being written as the furnace is running, bringing the temp up to a comfortable 20 C inside the trailer.

Some initial pictures:

We took site 63 in Algonquin again, which is large and gives good privacy:

The dish farm! 

We brought along the old Bell Expressvu receiver, we canceled the service as we went over to Star Choice so we can get TV in Mexico next winter, there is a month left on the BEV service so why not use it! We are waiting for the bird-on-a-wire (BOW) attachment for the internet dish, so we won't have to deploy 2 separate dishes when we set up.

The bug screen is back on the truck, as the creatures are just starting to come out here. The site is a "pull through" but the turning radius is a little tight for our combination, so we backed in.

The yurts are waiting for the first campers of the season: