St. Lucia - November 2006

We took the opportunity to spend a week in St. Lucia at the end of the rainy season and we had a great time.

We have been to St. Lucia before, so it was great to see how the island has changed. The island was so green after the rains; it still rained almost every day, but the rain was warm and of short duration. As well, the temperature combined with the high humidity made it feel very hot (and the air conditioner in the hotel room was working overtime!). This was the first time that we used the A/C overnight; later in the winter it's not needed because of the lower humidity.

We stayed at the Almond Bay resort.

This is a view from our room, the building shown is Morgan's Pier, a seafood restaurant.

This is a view of part of the resort from the water (we were on a Jet Ski)

We took a couple of tours, one was to the rain forest, where they have built a canopy ride that allows a great view of the rain forest and the ocean:

We also took at catamaran to Martinique where we enjoyed some duty free shopping (a bottle of good French wine was $6.50). There is also some great shopping there, except that all the clothes sizes are European!!

There is some great French architecture, both old:

And new!

We met some fellow Canadians, Gene and Vi from Alberta. It was nice to meet them and enjoy the friendship. We did some touring and shopping in Castries together:

Castries is a mix of old and new, this is a view of some new buildings on the waterfront:

We enjoyed sitting on our balcony and watching the sun set at the end of each day, after touring or spending time on the beach:

We had a great time in St. Lucia, the Almond had some of the best "A La Carte" restaurants that we have experienced on our visits to all inclusive resorts. They really knew how to do fish dishes well!