Tuesday October 22, 2019

Al Has Been a Slacker!

I haven't updated the website in a while, thought that I would get it together to prepare for our winter trip south (leaving around Halloween), check out the latest entry on that section.


Friday July 19, 2019

In the Sault KOA

We moved from Davy Lake to the Thunder Bay KOA for 2 nights and got a nice patio site. We then hit Penn Lake in Marathon and backed into site 11, a great lakefront site with sat TV through the trees!

Tonight is our second night in the Sault St Marie KOA, we reserved early and got a back in full service patio site (#35), a private site with 30 amp full services. Tonight we will have to run the A/C as it's steamy here.

A couple of site pictures:

A BBQ for steaks tonight!

We won't need the fire pit to keep warm!

Tomorrow we head for Serpent River to camp for 2 nights, Al doesn't want to fight the 400 cottage traffic on Sunday, should be easier driving on Monday!

Sunday July 14, 2019

Back in Davy Lake!

After more than a week in Ear Falls at the kids place we are starting our return trip home. We will hit Thunder Bay for a couple of days then head south. The net was a bit slow, so no posting from Ear Falls.

We had a great time at the kids place, and we took a few pictures:

The grand kids got a surprise, Cam & Chantal picked up a 10 week Lab puppy named Hunter in Winnipeg and returned it a week ago Friday. The dog is loved by everyone!

A new family picture!

Isn't he beautiful?

There are a few fires north of Ear Falls, the smoke can be seen, at times the other side of the lake couldn't be seen

The grand kids have learned a lot of water tricks, this picture shows the return from a somersault!

A bit of rain some days but a great visit!

Canada Day, Monday July 1, 2019

In Davy Lake Park in Ignace Ontario

WE left the Thunder Bay KOA after 10 am eastern Time this morning. Our bodies are adjusting to central time by themselves, we actually slept in to 7 am, even Murdoch. We got here just after noon central time and got the last 50 amp full service site so we are good! We even have 4G internet here. The traffic going west was almost non-existent, a very nice drive.

Yesterday we captured the picture below of the kids enjoying a super bubble bath put on by the KOA folks, they really do a great job here. The boom truck had a container full of bubble water and a compressor created the bubbles that dropped out. A KOA person with a leaf blower made sure the bubbles went everywhere, and another couple of KOA folks were in the middle to ensure that no kids disappeared in the bubbles. Fantastic!

We are off to Ear Falls tomorrow!

Saturday June 29, 2019

Thunder Bay KOA

We are on our way north, left home on Tuesday and we are spending the second of three nights here that the Thunder Bay KOA. We were only able to get a 20 amp and water site, it's kind of what we had in Mexico, we have to watch our electric consumption, fortunately we have lots of tank space for showers and toilet, we will dump on the way out.

We have 2 new issues with the truck and RV to have "fun" with. The RV furnace isn't running, it feels like we lost the main electronic board, it has happened on the Redwood before. On the truck, the "check engine light" is back on again with a series of strange codes, probably a result of the update installed at Wayne Pittman Ford in Guelph. Time to find another dealer that can fix it!

Our site here is nice, all grass. It was a challenge to back in but Murdoch is happy with it.

We are on a very slow internet connection here so that's it until we get out of the boonies!