Wednesday November 13, 2019

Second Day in Van Horn Texas

We are here in west Texas, heading for Deming New Mexico tomorrow. We transited Dallas and hit our normal stop at Horseshoe RV park near Ranger, we found it completely full of oilfield workers and it was trashed. We then stopped at Cisco where we got a campsite about 200 ft. from I-20, also full of oilfield workers and also trashed. It's getting tough to find a campground in west Texas because of the tens of thousand oilfield workers all in RV's. A couple of pictures of Cisco:

The slide outs of some RVs are almost touching!

Our site, you can just see the transports on I-20 in the distance

We then hit Monahans Sandhills just as the cold snap arrived, it was below freezing and we ran off internal water.

We are taking a break here in Van Horn, it's starting to warm up, the campground lady said she has never seen these cold temps here before, it's looking to get warmer in New Mexico and we may even need A/C in Tucson! Because of the late Thanksgiving here in the US we can't get into the Springs at Borrego as they are fully booked over the holiday, so we will spend a full week in each of Tucson and Yuma, we get our Borrego site on November 30, one day before our site is normally reserved for 3 months. Bring on the warm weather!

Saturday November 9, 2019

In Mt. Pleasant Texas

We got here yesterday and we leave tomorrow morning for west Texas, going through Dallas/Fort Worth on a Sunday

The campgrounds in Tennessee  and Arkansas don't have good cell coverage so we didn't post . Al should have invested in a cell booster, maybe before we return home we will get one.

It's been cold, -3C this morning when we got up, we've been burning lots of propane, it's supposed to warm up tomorrow.

Saturday November 2, 2019

First Outside Day!

We are in the Bowling Green KY KOA, we arrived here yesterday after leaving Columbus. It was cool yesterday morning, 3 of the 4 truck doors were frozen closed, it took a few minutes of engine running to be able to open them and thaw the ice from the windshield.

It's still cool overnight, -2C or so, the water hoses have been taken in to keep them from freezing.

Today we are able to sit outside with jackets or sweaters, some of us also braved the weather in short sleeves!

Al tracked down our problem with our Canadian TV, turns out that the Shaw "channel shuffle" done in September is preventing our automatic TV dish from finding the satellites as the channel that the software uses to aim the dish no longer exists in the Shaw lineup! The fix is an update from the dish manufacturer, but wandering Willy, a RVing friend of Al & Suzette suggested that we stop the dish from moving when the TV screen shows a picture, we will try this on Monday in Tennessee.

We did a detailed shopping at Kroger today and we are now good for a few days, we also got a propane cylinder filled as we are going through some propane to keep us warm at night.

We look forward to warmer weather as we head south!

Thursday October 31, 2019

In Columbus Indiana

Murdoch reporting again! It rained all last night and again this morning when my masters were packing up, I got walked and I got completely wet, so wet that my head was still wet when we got to Columbus after noon. It's stopped raining but it's cooling down, my masters have exchanged their lighter jackets for parkas and some sleet was also falling. The camper is running on tank water (whatever that is!) as the water hose would freeze overnight.

My masters are feeling TV deprived, this is the third night that the camper has been in the trees so no TV. At least they are streaming a radio station  from Toronto so they feel connected to Canada!

It's Bowling  Green KY tomorrow for the weekend! I finally get a dog park to play in!

Wednesday October 30, 2019

We are on the road!

Hello, this is Murdoch reporting on our progress!

My eyes really don't look like that, it's just the flash!

I'm wet (you probably don't see that) but I just got back from a walk in the rain here in the KOA in Bluffton Indiana. I also got wet this morning in Monroe Michigan where my masters stayed last night. I wanted to stay out more, but because it's rainy so I'm indoors most of the time. My masters don't like my "wet dog" smell!

My masters report that the crossing into the US was trouble free, about 2 minutes or so. We are hoping for better weather but there is some snow flurries in the forecast for Columbus Indiana where we will stay tomorrow night. The weather looks better next week thank goodness!

More updates from the dog park in Bowling Green over the weekend!

Tuesday October 22, 2019

Getting ready to head south!

We are in the final days before we leave for the south, we expect to be on the road around Halloween. A lot of stuff has been doe, all remains is the final packing of stuff and getting the house ready for it's winter "sleep".

It's been the year of "fun" with vehicles. The RV wheel loss has been documented in the previous winter trip blog. The RV went to our dealer for a full check out, the wheel loss scored the axle spindle and we carefully drove the RV north this summer while a new axle was ordered. In addition the bedroom slide wouldn't open when we arrived home from the winter trip, we got a temporary fix and a new slide assembly was ordered. These repairs have been done and Al also replaced the main board on the furnace when it died on our summer trip north.

Suzette's Jeep has also been giving problems, so at 16 years old we retired it for a new one, a 2019 Wrangler. It looks and works great.

The truck also was giving problems, the engine died when the gas pedal was pushed, a long story with the Ford dealer's incompetence but the problem was eventually fixed by switching dealers and a good diesel tech. Ford is getting a long E-mail of complaint.

Stay tuned for our trip progress!