Thursday November 15, 2018

Van Horn Texas

We arrived here just before noon after the relatively short run from Monahans Sandhills state park where we spent last night. I believe we had the coldest night that we have spent in the RV back in Ranger, it was -10C and we burned up lots of propane keeping warm, actually cooler than back home! We are booked into the Tuscon Lazy Days KOA for a week starting Saturday after a night in Deming NM, we want to sit in Tucson over the American Thanksgiving as it's tough to sometimes find campgrounds over holidays. We will be in Borrego a few days earlier as a result of our speed to find warmer weather, looking at Tucson, there are low to mid 20's C weather and sun (no rain!!), Suzette  is planing to hit the pool!

No pictures posted as we've done these stops before.

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Ranger Texas

A quick note to say that we survived Dallas/Fort Worth again, actually an easy drive!

We are in Ranger Texas where it is cold and breezy, breezy enough that the furnace is being blown out by the wind hitting the exhaust, a temporary cardboard baffle was installed to prevent the blow outs. The RV campground power here is bad, too many people using lots of electricity for heating causing the voltage to drop and kick off our surge guard. Looks like we will be running propane heat, no electric fireplace tonight.

It's going down below freezing again, where is the warm weather??

It's supposed to get warmer tomorrow and Thursday.

Sunday November 11, 2018

In East Texas

We Did the relatively short run this morning to the Mount Pleasant KOA where we will spend 2 nights and do some shopping. It's still relatively cool here but it will be above freezing tonight so the "outside water" will remain connected.

One thing that surprised us was the unmistakable tracks of brine solution on the interstate near bridges and on them. I talked to the KOA gentleman who escorted us the campsite, he didn't believe that the highways folks had brine, but the appearance is clear to us that it is. He commented that last year the roads folks spread gravel on a iced up bridge (instead of sand), they spread it by shovelfuls from the back of a dump truck!  Apparently it took out a number of windshields before they had to sweep it up!

We are catching up on washing and will shop tomorrow, then it's the trek through Dallas/Fort Worth. Looks like the days will be warmer in west Texas but the nights will be around or below freezing. Bring on the heat!!

Saturday November 10, 2018

Out of "The Boonies" (almost!)

We are in DeGray Lake State Park near Arkadelphia  Arkansas for the night. After Bowling Green we stayed in Natchez Trace State Park in Tennessee for 2 nights (no Internet/cell coverage) followed by 2 nights in Village Creek State Park near Wynne Arkansas (again, no cell/Internet). Not sure, but probably a combination of different sites in each location, we got some coverage in these parks last trip. Here in DeGray, we get a couple of blips and reasonable speeds. Maybe there is a cell booster in our future!

It's been a wet and cold run this year, we understand there was a tornado warning north of Jackson Tennessee, the camp host at Natchez Trace was up all night the night before we arrived as he was preparing for a possible evacuation of the campers. In Bowling Green that evening we had some of the heaviest rains we ever had while in the RV, that must have been a remnants of the tornado.

Last night we ran off the water in the RV tank as it got down to -3C overnight, we will do the same tonight just in case. Lots of propane is being used to keep warm.

The "electrical glitches" continue on this trip, our Canadian smart phone packed it in, not sure why. The apps on the old phone will be installed on the US phone probably when we stop in Mount Pleasant Texas tomorrow for a couple of nights. The RV thermostat is also defaulting to 72F regardless of what temp we set it at after it shuts down and then calls for heat again, not a problem except it's a bit too warm for sleeping! Lots of stuff to look at once we get to California.

We are really looking forward to some warmer "outdoor days" as we head west!

Saturday November 3, 2018

In Bowling Green

We arrived here today after a night in Columbus Indiana, a night in Bluffton Indiana and our first night in Monroe Michigan. As usual the border crossing was quick and painless, I-75 south is still closed but the detour isn't painful.

It's been the wettest trip that we've seen on our fall journeys south, over an inch of rain on days one and two, so much that our clearance lights on the RV packed it in (although the other functions worked OK). That wasn't the only electrical "gremlin", the furnace thermostat in the RV defaults to 22C in the middle of the night, we got some ideas from Tony Lane, we will see if the fix works here in Bowling Green. We may not even need to use the furnace, it's warm here.

Al's new "wedding Band"

As commented below, we had another RV electrical "gremlin" before we left, the 12 v side of the RV didn't work. Al played around with the batteries, and in disconnecting one battery he accidentally connected the two terminals via his wedding band. As a result, he has a new band, caused by losing a few layers of skin to burns. Gold is a good conductor and it heats up well!. The ring survived with some melting and hopefully a visit to a walk in clinic isn't required because of an infection:

We are hanging around over the weekend here and on Monday to shop and hopefully fix the remaining gremlins. We need a break in the warmer weather to relax!



Tuesday October 30, 2018

Electrical Gremlins!

We packed everything this morning and closed up the RV. When lowering the front legs the 12V power suddenly went off. It's not safe to pull the RV without 12V power as the brakes would not come on if the trailer was somehow detached from the truck, and the refrigerator would not be working in transit.

The problem appears to be a bad connection between the one of the RV batteries and the main circuit breaker panel, Al ran the wire to the other RV battery and the 12V power came back on. We can survive on one battery and one of the projects for the warmer weather down south is to completely figure out what happened and also fix up the "spaghetti wiring" that Redwood put in. We PROMISE to be on the road tomorrow, we just need to unpack some essentials (like the coffee maker!) for our one day extended stay at home.

Sunday October 28, 2018

Getting ready!!

We are packing the RV. It's snowed twice already so it's more than time to leave. we will depart on Tuesday, just before Halloween. Murdoch enjoys the snow, us, not so much: