Thursday November 9, 2017

In Village Creek SP near Wynne Arkansas

We arrived here yesterday after spending 2 days in Natchez Trace state park near Jackson Tennessee. We have got some sunny weather today, we are outside for the first time in a few days.

Murdoch is in his element, there are 4 deer that graze on the grass nearby, Murdoch goes over after they run away and has his nose to the ground smelling the scents of the deer. Al tried to get a picture but the deer are very skittish and they ran. Here is the attempt at taking a long range shot, the remaining deer looks like a tree, in the center of the picture:

Murdoch has "graduated", he's not eating (and pooping!) whole acorns any more, the deer must be keeping him busy.

We got our normal pull through site which is satellite TV friendly and in spite of having only 1 bar on the AT&T hot spot we are on line.

A picture of our normal site:

Al refilled a propane cylinder today in preparation for a cold night tonight, almost freezing! It's still warm by Ontario standards though.

Sunday November 5, 2017

In Bowling Green Kentucky

We are on our second day here, we arrived from Columbus Indiana yesterday. We are loving the weather, it's 26 C and sunny here today, Murdoch is really enjoying being outside.

Up to yesterday he (and we) had indoor days, he really didn't enjoy it as the picture below shows:

Ah, that's better:

We may have another day or two indoor days due to the rain in Tennessee, but the weather person has been wrong before!

You know it's still warm when you hear the crickets chirping first thing in the morning.

Thursday November 2, 2017

On the Road to California Again!

We left home yesterday after we shelled out Halloween treats to the kids (we have plenty left over!). After an uneventful border crossing (the officer complemented Murdoch and admired our RV) we stayed in Monroe Michigan, today we have stopped in Bluffton Indiana at the KOA here.

It warmed up over the day, it's almost 20C here compared to +4C last night. We are looking to some sunny days (real sunny days, not Trudeau's sunny days!) as we head to Bowling Green Kentucky for the weekend.