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Friday December 7, 2007

Edgar and Anna's Campground - Santa Ana Mexico

We crossed the border at Nogales and spent about 1-1/2 hours at "km. 19" getting our tourist permits and holograms for the truck and trailer. We always seem to get the trainee attendant, he had trouble and had to ask his superior for advice numerous times. At least on our second trip through we knew it was him, not us!!

We stopped at Edgar and Anna's place, we are the only folks here for the night. Tomorrow, it's off to La Playa at Bahia de Kino and some great shrimp!

Saturday December 8/07

La Playa RV Resort - Kino Bay Mexico

We settled in here about 1:30 this afternoon. For the first time on the trip the awning is out and we hear the ocean surf! No pictures yet, we are still trying to get settled and relax.

A few observations on Mexico and it peculiarities following todays drive:

We noticed the double transport trailers (53 ft. each) being pulled down the toll road. We've seen doubles being towed in western Canada on the prairies, but here they have hills, resulting in some really slow trucks! More scary are the double propane tankers, I wouldn't want to see one of these guys go off the road!

On the topic of transport trailers, I never knew that you could stuff a number of F150 Ford pick ups into a standard transport trailer. One had the last pick up far enough back that the rear doors had to be held shut with bungee cords. One of the necessary requirements must be to have a pick up with a rear slide open window, otherwise the loading person could not get out of the pick up!!

It's getting close to Christmas, we note a large number of California plated SUV's, Suburbans and pick ups loaded to the gills (roof racks, trunks and the storage racks that attach to the trailer hitches). These are Mexicans returning home for Christmas. They must all be related to the famous Mexican F1 driver Pedro Rodriguez as they are at least 30+ km. above the limit at all times! It looks to be good for the Mexican standard of living.

Finally, we were coming down the Mex 15 toll road in fine mist and low clouds when we heard an aircraft engine close by. It turned out to be a small Cessna about 150 ft. off the ground, low enough that the road could be seen and followed by the pilot. The conditions were obviously below what in Canada would be visual flight rules (VFR) requiring a pilot to be instrument (IFR) qualified. This pilot gave new meaning to the joke that private pilots call instrument flight rules (IFR), meaning "I follow roads" What we saw today would be illegal in Canada or the US (and risky), down here it's part of the "colour".

Sunday November 9, 2007

We woke up to some overcast skies this morning, but the sun came out, I guess it's partly cloudy but the temp is in the low 20's C and it's great.

Last evening we had a great fish dinner at a local eatery, we will hit the same place tonight.

Some initial pictures from the beach:

Walking dogs on the beach is a favourite pass time in the morning:

The fishing boats are out on the ocean:

A look at some of the permanent RV "ports" at La Playa:

Monday December 10, 2007

Last day at La Playa

We have had a good time here, we went out to dinner again last night (this time with friends Mark & Carol, we had a great time).

Today was maintenance day, I noticed some grease leaking from a grease cap on a trailer wheel hub, took two wheels off to check, it seems that I may have overheated the wheel hubs on that side somehow. The grease loss is not serious, but it needs monitoring as we travel, perhaps there is too much brake bias to the trailer side.

Some pictures of the last day:

This is our trailer site:

Couldn't resist taking a picture of a Kino sunset:

Our friends Mark & Carol took this shot:

Mark & Carol plied us with brandy while watching the sunset!

Tomorrow it's off to San Carlos to El Mirador!

Tuesday December 11, 2007

El Mirador RV Resort - San Carlos

We arrived here about 1:00 pm on Tuesday and have settled in for a four day stay. The weather is getting warmer during the day, we had shorts on all afternoon.

They have a great restaurant on-site and we had lots of seafood in the evening.

We also met Alejandro, a local merchant who supplies the restaurant with seafood and we have a bunch of fresh shrimp on order, probably enough to keep us satisfied while in Mexico! The smaller ones that we are getting are about the same size as the largest we can get in Canada.

Wednesday and Thursday December 2 & 13/07

We've been relaxing for the last couple of days, on Wednesday the shrimp arrived, all 12 kg. of it!.

We had a great shrimp dinner and all the rest are in the freezer for future consumption. The laundry was done and we relaxed.

Today, Thursday, the RV is getting washed and the RV tailgate is being sandblasted and repainted, so we are hanging around the  campsite, tomorrow we will  do some shopping in Guaymas and maybe hit the beach.

The weather is warm, we are in shorts all day although it's going down to about 10C  overnight.

We haven't taken a lot of pictures, but here are some that Suzette took on the way into San Carlos:

A nice divided boulevard on the way in:

This is the road on the way in, just before our camp ground:

We love the hills mixed with the ocean:

Saturday to  Tuesday  December 15-18/07

El Mirador RV park (the other one!) Huatabampito, near Navojoa Mexico.

We arrived around 5:00 pm on Saturday (this is being written on Sunday), we left San Carlos somewhat late for us (noon) as we waited for our newly painted RV tailgate to be returned. The local gentleman did a good job (not perfect) he removed the rust, primed and painted the tailgate to match the truck. The match isn't perfect, but it's very close to the truck colour.

We set up and then went to dinner in the restaurant (delicious!).

This morning, the final items were set up (internet dish, carpeting etc.), we plan to be here about four days. Today it's off to shop for groceries, as we waited a couple of days in the camp ground for the tailgate to return, so we didn't shop in Guaymas.

A couple of initial pictures taken by Suzette:

A view of the camper on the sand:

This is where the first row of campsites were, they were taken out by hurricane Henrietta, it's not clear from the photo, but about 5 to 6 feet of sand covers the campsites and services. The owner plans to install a retaining wall to prevent this from happening again.

The restaurant and palapa survived:

The ocean is relatively calm, the fishing boats are out. It still a bit cool and breezy this morning, it will get warmer later:


We have settled in and are enjoying the place. It's still cool down here (17C, cloudy and a little breezy). We did some short touring and walking on the beach. They also make a very smooth "grand" Margarita and guacamole at the  palapa restaurant!

Suzette continues to expand her collection of sea shells!

The roads and some buildings around our camp ground have taken a beating from the hurricane this past fall:

More of the same. We were not in 4 wheel drive, but there were some deep puddles:

While we were enjoying our afternoon Margaritas, a few dolphins swam by, the picture below didn't really capture them:

Tuesday December 18/07

Last day at El Mirador and Alamos

We took a run over to Alamos and took a guided tour through the colonial mining town just east of Navojoa. It goes back to the 1600's where mining for gold and silver started:

This picture shows the mine tailings left over the years, the tour guide indicated that a new mine is opening and the tailings are going to be re-processed:

The town of Alamos is down the valley a few miles and the mine supported the town's growth:

A beautiful old church:

This is a picture from an overlooking hill, the courtyards in the larger haciendas can be seen:

A nice picture taken by the tour guide:

This is a "plantation" style Hacienda that is being renovated by it's owner:

Today (Wednesday) we head further south to "Mr. Moro" for some more time on the beach!

Wednesday December 19/07

Mr Moro campground at Las Glorias Mexico

We got here around 3:00 pm today, as we get further south the weather gets warmer!

There are only 4 RV's here, it's very quiet but nice. We had a nice dinner in the palapa restaurant and look forward to some beach time tomorrow. The dogs that we saw here last year are still around (with a few additional puppies!).


We settled in and had a relaxing breakfast this morning, followed by a walk on the beach. The temp is definitely warmer here, at just before noon it's 23 C outside, time to change to shorts!

Some pictures:

This is our campsite, the dog in the picture is one of the three that have adopted us, she is the one that had puppies last winter, her daughter (see the later pictures) and another female puppy of unknown origin are with us as well. Suzette is supplying some occasional food, so the guys are staying close!

This is the hotel pool, too cool for swimming yet:

Even on our beach walk, Kasey has lots of company (and he seems a little jealous)!

We took a walk along the beach, there are some nice places here:

We didn't see these places last year, it looks like the hurricane was worse here than farther up north. The damage here is caused by the foundations being undermined by the storm surge:

The swimming pool at this upscale place is destroyed. The property seems too close to the current waterline (global warming?):

The surf is quite strong this morning, almost good enough for surf boarding:

The search for the new puppies!

Suzette was told that the daughter of the dog in the previous pictures had a litter of puppies only 4 days ago, so Suzette dedicated part of the morning to conducting a search. The den was found (with information from the hotel staff) in some brush on the hotel property, and mother dog has 4 puppies. From the pictures, they appear to be about 4 to 6 weeks old, not 4 days, but they haven't left the den yet. The mother dog is looking kind of thin!

I'm sure some of these little guys will be adopted by the folks camping here later in the season:

Friday December 21/07 - Last day at Mr. Moro

Today we are relaxing and doing some preps for our trip down south to Villa Celeste.

A final sunset picture from Mr. Moro:

Saturday December 22, 2007

RV Park Punta San Miguel - Near Celestino Gazca Mexico

We were trying to get into Villa Celeste RV park, but it was full, the park named above is brand new, we and Doug and Barb, our Canadian friends have the honour of being the first and second customers of this new park. It promises to be very nice, I will take some pictures tomorrow.

The park is south of Villa Celeste RV park and just north of Celestino RV Park, it's right on the ocean.

Sunday December 23 - Pictures of the new RV Park

This morning, some pictures of the new park were taken for our friends at RV.Net:

There are a total of 42 sites, 21 on each side. There is a lot of space between the first sites and the front gate, this space will be reserved for an office and for additional vehicle parking:

The services are well put together, Siemens equipment and plastic, 30 amp service, wired to NA standards. Only minor gripe is that the plug is upside down, ground lug to the bottom, not to the top.

Lights down the center driveway, alternately placed, there are individual switches on each post, if you don't want the light, turn it off!

Enough room to park your TV in front of the camper (RV is 30 ft.):

View of the sign at the front gate:

The gate itself:

Right now, there is a "hump" to go over, our neighbour scraped his trailer "ski jump", look out if your clearances are low. This may be graded out in future. You also have to go straight in:

A view from inside the front gate:

Attention to the details, the new plants have a drip irrigation system:

One of the three palapas, brand new furniture, plans are for a restaurant and bar according to Ramon, the manager:

It's a bit rocky just in front:

But there appears to be a better beach just next door, with some good fishing:

A view of the entry gate to the palapa from the shore:

Ramon indicates this is the slot for a future swimming pool:

The washrooms are located here in this second palapa area:

This park has great promise! I'm sure that it will be busy later in the season.

Tuesday December 25/07 - Merry Christmas!

We have been relaxing and doing some shopping in La Cruz. We found that the Mexicans are no different than we are, they do a lot of shopping just before Christmas. We shopped at a local "superstore" in La Cruz and picked up most of what we needed (including some sparklers to celebrate Christmas).

Our friends Doug and Barb, the first customers here at the park, have left for Puerto Vallarta and we have been joined by Jim and Suzie, friends that we met further north. We plan to have Christmas dinner under the palapa later today.

Yesterday, we took a couple of pictures:

A picture shoot took place on the beach, it may have been related to the wedding in the village, Kasey even got into a few pictures!

Pelicans wind surfing at sunset:

Christmas morning on the beach:

The surf is high this morning:

This is a view of Villa Celeste from the beach:

Christmas Dinner:

In preparation for our Christmas dinner, Ramon found a local boy who swam into a fishing net that was moored close to the shore and pulled out a couple of large fish. The smaller one held by the boy was filleted by our friend Jim and BBQ'd as part of our dinner feast!

This is the buffet table, lots of chicken, fish and other goodies, even stuffing!!

The gang around the table, Jim and Suzie, Suzette and Ramon:

The men enjoying the sunset. Some dolphins made an appearance during dinner, surfing the waves just offshore. They capped off a perfect meal!

On Boxing day, it's off to Teacapan and Villas Onac!

Wednesday December 26, 2007

Villas Onac - Teacapan

We arrived here around 1:30 this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the place has changed since last year and not for the better. Rafael has more than doubled the size of the campground, there are now 49 sites. There appear to be a lot of Mazatlan transplants here and there is also a caravan here over the holiday season, folks from Utah unused to running an RV on 15 amps,
popping circuit breakers.

Last year it was paradise, this year well hopefully it will get better!!!

Thursday December 27, 2007

First Pictures:

We have settled in and have become more used to the camp site.

Some of the folks from Utah have started to pull out and head back to the US, so it's becoming less congested. We also had did some touring and shopping in Teacapan and had dinner with our friends Jim and Suzie.

It's warm here and the sun is quite strong.

This is the original road, the campers on the left are on the beach, the first row back are on the right. There is another row behind the one on the right:

We are located on the corner lot:

The beach is still almost pristine:

Tuesday January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We have been vegging out, enjoying the ocean and the local town.

The weather has been interesting, it's warm but breezy during the day and relatively cool and foggy overnight. The over night temps have been down as low as 6C.

It's still nice to walk along the beach:

I want this Toy!!

Yesterday, a motorized para sailer went by,  a couple of pictures:

An early New Year's celebration.

We had a glass of wine or two with Jim & Suzie well before midnight and lit up a sparkler:

There is a lot of mist and dew overnight. These pictures show  what it's like just after sunrise, it takes a while for the sun to burn off the mist:

This is our last day in Teacapan, tomorrow we move to Playa Amor, but we will be back here for a month in February!

Wednesday January 2, 2007

Playa Amor Campground near San Blas

We got into this campground on Wednesday afternoon. The drive down the new toll road was great, but expensive (almost $50).

Most of the folks we met here last winter are already here, and the Mexicans celebrating the holiday season are slowly heading back home. We are going to enjoy this place again!

Friday January 4, 2007


We settled into the camp ground yesterday, then went into Tepic to do some shopping. Today we are just relaxing and setting some final stuff up.

Some pictures:

Kasey has been in the water a number of times, this is a picture of a soggy dog:

Following are a few pictures of the view from the back window of the camper!

The temperature is quite warm (day and night) we are really enjoying this place!

Sunday January 6, 2007

More pictures

Suzette couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the sunset and happy hour:

Even Kasey got into the act:

Tuesday January 8, 2008

A Mouse in the House!!

We have been relaxing for the last couple of days, but at least some work is being done. The dish was relocated so that we can get both internet and sat TV (a palm tree was in the way of the TV sat at the old location). And the toilet was unclogged (don't ask!).

The major ongoing task remains - to track down and dispatch a mouse that Suzette and Kasey have seen twice in the trailer but Al has yet to spot (not that I don't believe Suzette!). If Kasey was a cat, there would not be a problem, but he seems more interested in looking at the little (white, I'm told) guy than going after him.

Last night, the mouse won the first round, we placed some cheese on a mouse trap on loan from our neighbours, this morning the cheese was gone but the trap had not sprung (score one for the mouse).

Today, we placed some borrowed (not to be returned!) peanut butter on the trap, it has to be eaten on the trap, not taken away, so we may be successful. Updates at 9:00 tomorrow morning!!

Friday January 11, 2008


As the week went on, I was beginning to believe that Suzette imagined that she and Kasey saw a mouse, but this morning, we found a little guy in one of the traps. The mouse "experts" around here indicate that when you find one mouse, there normally is one or two more lurking around, so we will leave the traps around for a while.

We have been taking it easy during the week, we went into Tepic yesterday to do some shopping. Some pictures:

Earlier in the week, a local farmer visited:

During the past year, Carl, the owner of the park, has rebuilt some walls to prevent erosion caused by waves and hurricanes:

Our trailer is the one on the left, we have a great view of the ocean:

Another view of the wall construction:

Suzette enjoying the waves:

This is the view on the way up the hill to Tepic:

These trees appear to be banana:

Tuesday January 15, 2008

Really Relaxed in Playa Amor!

I have been feeling guilty (maybe not really!!) about not posting, as we are completely relaxed here. The biggest daily decisions have been the decision as to what to have for dinner (should we eat out or slave in front of the BBQ?) and what beverage to take to the daily happy hour!

We went into San Blas last Saturday to provision and get some fresh vegetables at the market. This is a picture of one of the main roads, which has been torn up to replace water pipes (I don't think they got all the leaks!). The paving stones re stacked at the curb, ready for re-use :

Mac, our tide expert here, indicates that the past few days are times of very high tides, these are a few pictures taken today:

If we have the inclination, tomorrow (or maybe the day after!) we will explore a local waterfall which is supposed to be quite spectacular. Also, we might reload the mouse trap just to be sure that we have no additional little guests!

Life is tough!!

Wednesday January 16, 2008

Waterfall Trip

We finally got going and decided to find the waterfall that foks said was worth visiting (and it was!).

The name of the falls is El Cora:

The road to the falls was interesting. The truck has been in 4 wheel drive back at home for travel in the snow and occasionally for getting into some wet campgrounds, but it hasn't been used for travel on unimproved roads. It worked well as is shown in the following pictures:

The falls were impressive, the water drops about 80 feet into a pool:

There are a couple of viewing areas, very rough but spectacular. The drop off from this one is at least a hundred feet and as seen, the guarding is not to North American standards!:

The main road in and out is also great, lots of hairpins and switchbacks. There is lots of new planting on the hillsides:

Visiting the falls was a great experience, I'm sure that this will become a built-up tourist attraction in a few years! It reminds me of how the Forks of the Credit road looked 30 or 40 years ago before the tourists found it.

Thursday January 24, 2008

Market day at La Penita

It's been over a week since we last posted, we have been relaxing and spending time with our friends down here.

Each Thursday, they have a large market at La Penita, folks from as far away as Puerto Vallarta and San Blas come in to shop. It's a combination of souvenir vendors (we bought some excellent gifts for folks back home) plus grocery vendors, the vegetables were great.

Some pictures:

It's hard to see the stalls for all the people:

Parking is tight, note all the US and Canadian vehicles:

Jim and Mary were kind enough to drive us down, we bought them a lunch in this local restaurant and were serenaded by some local talent:

Another view:

Lots of clothes for sale:

This old Jeep CJ-5 is ideal for Mexico:

Friday January 25, 2008

The get-together

There was a special get together on Friday evening, each couple prepared some appetizers (for us it was guacamole and shrimp) and we enjoyed each others company into the evening.

Some pictures:

The group on the patio:

A view of the food table:

Another view:

We dressed up in some outfits that were bought at La Penita the day before "the Bobsy Twins!"

Another great sunset at Playa Amor!

Monday January 28, 2008

Bird watching in the Estuary

Ron, one of the campers here, knows a great local named Tony. Tony has a panga and has been in the San Blas area all his life. He picked up English and when not fishing arranges boat outings of the estuary as well as whale watching and deep sea fishing:

His equipment is in great shape and he offers better tours than the other folks in the area. For anyone interested, his phone # is 223 50364, and his full name is Tony Aguayo.

Ron rounded up 14 folks here who wanted to take the trip, each person paid 100 pesos and we took 2 boats (7 to a boat). The morning was overcast (ideal for birdwatching), then around noon the sun came out, warming everyone up and sunburning Al's face!

This is a view of San Blas harbour, there are a few high end gringo boats docked here:

Some bird pictures:

This is an old abandoned shrimper in the harbour:

A view of the folks in the other boat:

There were a large number of birds in the sand flats, working hard to unearth goodies, including a couple or rare pink birds that were not flamingos. I'm going to have to get a bird book!! On later edit our friend Gail here at Villas Onac in Teacapan indicates that these birds are called Roseate Spoonbills. Thanks Gail!

We stopped for lunch at an island restaurant, the palapa in the water is interesting, we stayed at the one on shore!

This restaurant has no electrical power, only propane to cook lunch and a marine radio to take lunch orders! Tony called in our orders so the cook could start to prepare before we arrived!

This is a better view of the palapa:

Most, if not all of the alligators in this area have been poached to extinction, this is one guy that is protected at the restaurant:

A better view of the "table of choice"!

The lunch table!

We had a delicious meal of fish (you could choose from whole fish, fillets, shrimp or a shrimp cocktail as an appetizer).

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is what we had for liquid refreshments for lunch (they offered beer or soft drinks). First of all, the bottles are "half" bottles so it isn't bad, Secondly, it was hot, so we had to replenish liquids. Finally, it brought back great memories of tables of draught beer at university!

Paying the bill was interesting (the owner kept no records of what he served), everyone had to remember what they ate and drank (hard to do considering the amount of bottles!).

When a person paid, the number of bottles he/she declared was removed from the table. At the end after everyone paid, only 1 bottle was unaccounted for, the owner declared that he was satisfied!

We had a great time and recommend the trip and Tony as a guide!

Friday February 1, 2008

Back at Villas Onac in Teacapan!

We made it back to Villas Onac after lunch today. The drive up the quota from San Blas was an easy (if somewhat expensive) drive, we refilled our propane cylinder in Ecsinapa on the way in.

We had reserved an ocean site for the month of February and we are settled in:

This is the view from the beach, we have a sand pathway directly to the ocean:

A sunset picture with some swimmers enjoying the water:

It's a little cooler here in the morning (this is being written on Saturday morning), about 11 C, but the daytime temperatures are perfect! We look forward to the month here.

Monday February 4, 2008

All set up!

We took our time to set up the trailer, since we will be here for the month of February. Both awnings including a sunshade, carpeting for the patio and the sewage pump are all set up so we can be comfortable.

Yesterday, the inflatable was assembled, cleaned and aired up in preparation for a cruise in the harbour and lagoon today. Suzette is looking forward to her birthday gift, a ride in a motorized parasailer early on Wednesday morning. Al may take a flight later in the month!

Some pictures of our daily walk on the beach. The beach here is wide and flat!

Last evening, the sunset was complemented by dolphins chasing food in the surf, the end to another day in paradise!

Launching the inflatable

This morning, we headed into the harbour at Teacapan and launched the boat, we took a couple of hours touring the harbour and going up the estuary:

Some shoreline shots:

The skipper at the tiller!

When the inflatable was presented to me as a retirement gift by John Pitts, my successor, he also included a picture of a beautiful young lady sitting on the bow of the boat. The lady below is even more beautiful!

The pelicans seem to frequent fishing boats, even when they are standing at anchor in the harbour:

A picture of the harbour and melecon area, you can just see the truck parked, waiting for us to return:

We plan to leave the inflatable in the tuck box, we will do some more exploring of the estuary and harbour area later!

Wednesday February 6, 2008

Suzette's Birthday Gift!

We got on the road early this morning (that is 7:00 for us retirees!) to get Suzette up in the motorized parachute before the winds picked up. Unfortunately, there was some fairly heavy fog, so we had to wait a little bit for the fog to burn off. Some pictures:

You can see the fog in this first picture. An attempt was made but the fog was too intense to see much of the area, so Joe landed and we waited for the fog to burn off.

Suzette took this picture just after takeoff on the second run, the water in the distance is a shrimp farm operation.

A better picture of the operation:

This is a shot of "downtown" Teacapan from the air, the port can be seen, this is where we launched the boat earlier in the week:

A shot approaching the campground:

A closer shot:

Still closer to the water:

These next two shots are the beach just in front of the campground, you can see why we like it so much here!

The farms are very active right now with harvesting (mostly chilies), the harvesting is all done by hand:

Joe flew quite low over the fields to show how the plants look:

The approach for landing, you can just see Joe's car and our truck in the distance:

Putting the machine away. It's a 4 cylinder Rotax engine and it has big tires and a suspension system to enable rough field take offs and landings, Joe even has a GPS mounted to keep track of specific locations and even back up landing sights (just in case).

I was very impressed with the set up, and recommend the trip as a safe and exciting way to see the area. Unfortunately, he has a 200 lb. weight maximum, so Al doesn't get to go up, darn!!

Sunday February 10, 2008

The vegetable  man!

The vegetable vendor drops by at least  once per week to keep us stocked up with fresh vegetables. Unlike what we get in Canada at this time of year, these vegetables are ripe and delicious!

Suzette got a bunch of bananas, 3 or 4 tomatoes and lettuce for 13 pesos, just over a dollar!

Lots of interest! And the quality is great.

I met a lady that was part of a caravan that refused to buy because she was afraid of picking up Montezuma's revenge if she ate these local items. We started last year purifying the vegetables with cleaning solution, but we find that if the vendor is reliable, this is unnecessary. We haven't purified the veggies this year, and so far, no problems!

I wonder if the caravan companies spread these rumors to attract business via the fear factor??

Thursday February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Get Together!

Rafael, the camp ground owner, arranged a get together around the pool to celebrate Valentines Day. He provided the refreshments and the ladies provided some "finger" food, it was a nice opportunity to talk with fellow campers. Some pictures:

This is a view of the snack table:

Al enjoying a beer:

A view of the patio and pool area:

Another couple of views:

A good time was had by all!

Saturday February 16, 2008

Fishing with Victor!

Our neighbour Brian found Victor, a great local tour guide who has a couple of boats and takes folks out to fish and look at the birds in the estuary. Today, Jerry, Brian and his wife and Al went out for 4 hours of fishing. Considering I've not fished in over 30 years, it was a great experience. One thing that turned me off fishing was that my father went out day after day and sometimes didn't even get a bite.

Well today, things were a lot different!!

This is Victor, sitting on his custom chair tying up some hooks to the gear:

Brian landing one of his first fish:

I believe that I caught one of these guys:

Victor helping Jerry to land one of his big ones:

Another one that we caught:

One of Jerry's larger ones:

Another shot of Victor guiding us back to the dock:

Back at the dock with the days "keepers"

The morning was definitely the best time to go out, I plan to do this again before we leave!

For anyone interested in getting in some really good fishing, Victor (his full name is Victor Mendez Denis) can be reached via cell phone here in Teacapan  by calling 695-108-5044. He is also well  known in town, he lives near the cross in the port area, just ask for him by name. Gracias Victor for the great morning!!

Thursday February 21, 2008

A busy week!!

While we are not at the point where we have had to put our schedules on Microsoft Outlook, this week has been busy.

We went out to dinner with Ron and Patty to a restaurant in town and had some fish for dinner:

We love to take walks on the beach, generally we are the only ones on the beach as can be seen from this picture:

Everything here has a life cycle, this is a dolphin that washed up on the shore, as can be seen by the ribs, the vultures have been having a feast. Of course, Kasey insisted on rubbing up against the dolphin to get some of his scent transferred, it must be a dog thing!

Les and Bev moved up from Playa Amor and joined us for happy hour, this is part of the dog collection:

More happy hour pictures:

We took the boat out down the estuary and captured this abandoned shrimp farm, a lot of work went into the construction:

It was calm and a bit overcast in the morning, we saw lots of birds in the trees.

The weekly schedule is not over yet, today we go to a charity lunch at La Tambura and tomorrow, it's more fishing with Victor. Later in the week we will go out again for dinner. Life's tough, but someones got to do it!!

Monday February 25, 2008

Starting our last week at Villas Onac

We stay here for the week then head north on March 1. It's been a great month here.

As mentioned, we took in the charity lunch at La Tambora and had a great time. Some pictures:

There was a sandcastle building contest in the morning, some very nice structures were built:

The seafood lunch and the entertainment was great:

Lunar Eclipse:

We took in the recent lunar eclipse, it's so clear down here that the moon was visible all through the event:

The moon starting to be covered:

Almost totally covered:

Walking on the beach

Almost every day we take a long walk down the beach. This morning I noticed some spots on my feet and was concerned that I picked up an infection:

I thought about it for a while (down here you think more slowly!) and discovered that the holes in my Crocs were letting the sun through:

The beach view is great, and Kasey continues to enjoy himself!

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